Hi! I’m Helga. By day, I’m a copywriter at a digital ad agency in Manila, Philippines. By night, I sleep and share my bed with 1-7 cats (depending on their mood). I’m an animal lover, lazy blogger, lazy vegan, and white rice defender.

As a new vegan, I aim to live as kindly and ethically as possible, in accordance with common sense and without taking refuge in far-fetched excuses.

This blog is for you if…

you love carbs (and not just the “good” kind).

you believe in doing better (versus attaining perfection!).

you enjoy the occasional beer (or four).

You can usually find me…

taking selfies at the gym.

bottle-feeding rescue kittens.

asking my co-workers if they have rice left for me.

obsessively checking my Cronometer and Fitbit.

HelgaGabrielle.com is new but I’ve been blogging since 1998, from gURLpages to Kiwibox to Geocities to Livejournal, before settling on my former 11-year old blog, Ditz Revolution. If you are from that era in my life, I’d like to thank you for making your way here. I hope you stay. ♥