BeautyMNL Finds: 5 Items for 1000 Pesos |

BeautyMNL Finds: 5 Items for 1000 Pesos

Since going vegan last June, shopping for makeup has become a little complicated. I once tried going to the beauty section of a department store to stock up on old faves and I ended up standing around with product in hand, my phone in the other googling “IS ______ VEGAN” and “IS ______ CRUELTY-FREE.” If there’s anything I love as much as animals, it’s probably making myself pretty and this experience of having to individually check the ingredients of each product and then double check if the brand tests on animals was necessary, but tedious and frustrating. I walked away without buying anything (a win for my wallet) and figured I’d just have to do my research beforehand to avoid future futile trips to the mall.

But who needs to go to the mall when you can shop online lol.

I’ve long been a fan of BeautyMNL (and their newsletter, which tempts me to spend money everytime) because practically every product on the site has user reviews. So handy! I remember coming across a skin ampoule from an obscure Korean brand while at a department store and the first thing I did was look for it on the BeautyMNL brand to check reviews. It had glowing reviews and I would have ordered it from the app but I wanted the ampoule right then lol.

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I especially like how practically everything— from affordable local brands to Korean must-haves— is on BeautyMNL and that I am confident that they only carry authentic products. They also have Bloom, their in-house magazine, which I read every now and then for the product round-ups.

BeautyMNL Finds: 5 Items for 1000 Pesos |

Last month, BeautyMNL sent me a gift certificate to try out the website. I spent hours going through their catalogue, reading every product and brand detail and just drowning in all the options. In the end, I decided to support Filipino brands. ♥ Here are the things I ordered:

Skin Genie Apple Cider Vinegar Toner with Vodka and Witch Hazel – A clarifying toner that soothes and refines skin. I’ve tried Skin Genie’s Almond Toner before and didn’t experience breakouts or anything so I’m excited to try this! (INGREDIENTS: Alkaline Water, Apple Cider Vinegar, Russian Vodka, Apple Oil, Lemon Extract, Witch Hazel Extract, Papaya Extract, Tea Tree Extract, Peppermint.)

Skin Genie Exfoliating Detox Masque in Passion Red – A clay-powered mask that absorbs oil and sweat to purify skin. I haven’t gotten around to trying this because I recently quit smoking (yay me) so my skin’s been acting up and I’m hesitant to try out new products. I’ll post a review once my skin has calmed down!

Human♥Nature Perfect Glow Mineral Blush in Sun-kissed – A 100% natural rouge made with skin-enhancing ingredients. Human♥Nature is a brand I hold dear to my heart but it’s been a while since I last bought anything from their makeup line because I remember being disappointed when I first tried it years ago. Contains palm oil, but I’m waiting to hear back from them if it’s sustainable palm oil.

EDIT— Their response:

We are not using palm oil as an ingredient in any of our formulations. It’s just that some of our raw materials are derived from palm oil. It is indicated in the product’s ingredient list which raw material can be derived from palm. Example of which is glycerin, it is vegetable-derived which means it can be derived from coconut or palm-oil.

All our partner farming communities are member of RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil). This association ensures growth and use of sustainable palm oil from sources who follow a certain standard which deals with the impact of palm oil plantations on the environment.

Detail Make Over’s Stannic Matte Lipstick in Rigel – Got two for the price of one! Let me know if you’d be interested to see a swatch of this and I’ll do it on Instagram. These lipsticks are vegan, too! I confirmed it with the brand through Facebook. It has a very strong fruity/berry scent, though, which is a bit of a turn off.

My total cost, plus shipping was PHP1140. Shipping is free for orders PHP1500 and above but I didn’t want to spend more just to qualify (#adulting). All in all, shopping at BeautyMNL was a breeze and it’s particularly helpful how they have tabs/filters for LOCAL and ORGANIC products. I’m hoping that a VEGAN tab will be available in the future to make it even easier for vegans and those who are into cruelty-free beauty. ♥

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    I’ve tried the skin genie clay mask of the same variant and I just threw it recently though there were still lots of products in the tub. I didn’t like that it has colorants kasi even if they’re all natural. After washing it all off, my face becomes very red and it stays on until the next day kahit ilang washes na ang ginawa ko. One day, I came in the office na super pula ng mukha ko. 🙁

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