Eating Out Vegan: Guam |

Eating Out Vegan: Guam, USA

I don’t know about you, but travel tends to bring out the worst eating, drinking, and spending habits in me. I figure that since I’m on a break from my regular life, I can go bananas and do as I please. This Guam trip was no different because let me tell you— do as I please, I did.

Processed mock meat every other meal? βœ…
Non-dairy ice cream everyday? βœ…
Late night spicy instant noodle? βœ…
Ice cold soda in the morning because I was too hungover to function? βœ…

“You’re on vacation anyway!” I was told several times.

“True.” I felt less guilty about my late night Pay-Less runs for junk food.

Guam is a lil island in Micronesia, about four hours by plane from Manila. It’s so little that you can drive around the entire island in one day— something we attempted to do until our truck got stuck in the mud. The island has a couple of vegan restaurants (like Heavenly Veggies) that I unfortunately wasn’t able to check out because I don’t drive and because staying with family meant I could prepare my own meals at home anyway. I swear, I’m going to learn how to drive before the year ends so that I can go off and explore on my own the next time I visit.

Fair warning: Photos are garbage. I had no plans of blogging about this trip and I only used my phone to take pictures for my Instagram or Twitter so not much thought went into these. This is also more of a personal account and not a guide.

King’s Restaurant

Tamuning, Guam

Eating Out Vegan in Guam, USA |

Our first stop after leaving A B. Won Pat International Airport was King’s, your typical American diner. It was before 11AM so the place was pretty quiet and empty and a quick flip through the menu told me that Guamanians love their fried rice and meat. Fortunately, there were a few things I could eat— steamed rice, hash browns, a fruit bowl, and a frozen acai bowl. I ordered the acai bowl (pictured above) and just asked them to omit the honey.

Sushi Rock

Micronesia Mall

Eating Out Vegan in Guam, USA |

Sushi Rock is a casual Japanese restaurant inside Micronesia Mall, right next to Ross Dress for Less. They have a handful of vegetarian/vegan items and I opted to get the bento box with veggie gyoza and agedashi tofu plus a veggie roll since I was starving. Because I was so hungry, I made a mistake and forgot to tell the waitress to remove the sauce from my agedashi tofu. Curses! Dashi (or Japanese sea stock), after all, is a fish-based broth normally made with bonito. I still ate it for several reasons: I’m a Filipino who isn’t used to sending food back, I didn’t want to seem fussy, I didn’t want to waste food, and I just forgot OKAY. The meal came with miso soup which I didn’t touch because that’s also typically flavored with bonito flakes.

Other notable items: inari sushi, build-your-own curry (fried tofu and veggie gyoza options)

Ban Thai

Tamuning, Guam

Eating Out Vegan in Guam, USA |

Kitschy and colorful, Ban Thai is one of those restaurants I regret not going back to. I had dinner there with friends and I got the Mushroom Vegetable Medley which had all my favorite things to eat in the world: vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, and Jasmine rice. It’s not very exciting, considering I make a similar veggie stir-fry regularly but it was delicious. Had I known I could mess with the menu a bit, though, I would have tried the pad thai sans the patis and asked for tofu instead of meat.


Dusit Thani Guam Resort, Tumon

Eating Out Vegan in Guam, USA |

Located on the third floor of Dusit Thani, what sets Aqua apart from other hotel buffets I’ve been to is its gorgeous view of Tumon Bay’s turquoise waters. We were lucky enough to get a table by the floor to ceiling glass windows. Now buffets are usually a waste on me because of the limited options, but my tita was treating us to lunch so I figured I could just eat a lot of whatever vegan dishes were available.

My first stop was the veggie stir-fry station and I made the mistake of filling my plate with all the vegan condiments. It turned out too salty that not even rice could save it. I wasn’t expecting much from the sushi station but I was very pleased to find inari sushi; I ended up eating around 10 pieces. I made my way to the asian noodle section and luckily, that day’s base was an animal-free shoyu (I made certain lol). My ramen bowl was my favorite and I would have gotten a second bowl had I not stuffed my face silly with inari.

Terraza at Puntan Dos Amantes

Two Lovers Point, Tamuning

Eating Out Vegan in Guam, USA |

Perhaps Guam’s most popular tourist spot, the legend of Two Lovers Point is similar to Romeo and Juliet. Girl meets boy and they fall in love but can’t be together because girl is from an important family and boy is a regular Chamorro. Before girl’s family got the chance to rip them apart, boy and girl stood together at the cliff’s edge, tied their hair together in a single knot, and jumped to their deaths to be together in eternity.

You get a gorgeous view of the Philippine Sea and Tumon Bay from Two Lovers Point. The park has a two-tier viewing point with a $3 entrance fee which I didn’t bother with because I’m a cheapskate. Instead, we headed to the restaurant because we were hungry and I needed coffee. The view from there seemed just as nice.

Eating Out Vegan in Guam, USA |

Terraza at Puntan Dos Amantes has one veg item on the menu— the vegetable tofu wrap. I really enjoyed this! I wanted a side of onion rings but our server suggested I go with the fries to be safe because he couldn’t guarantee that the rings would be vegan. Bummer.

Others: Taco Bell, Del Taco, Little Caesars Pizza

Taco Bell
After getting stuck in the mud and deciding to skip the Yona fiesta, we stopped by Taco Bell for dinner. I’m not gonna lie— I was excited because I love burritos and I haven’t had Taco Bell in ages. I got a cheesy bean and rice burrito (no cheese, obviously) and ate it in like three minutes before getting a bean burrito. This was probably the hardest meal to eat because I felt small pangs of jealousy watching my cousins dip their chips in queso.

Del Taco

Now that that’s out of the way (it will always be funny OKAY), I got an 8-layer veggie burrito but had them take out the cheese and sour cream (making it a 6-layer burrito). And because I knew I was going to be drinking that night, I got the 2 for $6 deal and had the second burrito when I stumbled home drunk past 2AM. Preparation is key.

Little Caesars
It was midnight and their bright orange signs called me over from Kmart’s clothing section (I was looking at workout gear). I quickly googled “what’s vegan at Little Caesars” and PETA told me I had two options: veggie pizza and Crazy Bread, both with no cheese.

Is it still Crazy Bread if it doesn’t have cheese (and butter)?

The answer is no. This was tasteless as they come and I regret wasting $2.59 on them. I still ate two, though.

Lesson learned: Just because there’s a vegan option doesn’t mean you should buy it.

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